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Conditions of Hire

This document forms part of the Hall Hire Application

  • This document forms part of the Hall Hire Application  


    A refundable bond applies to the hire of our venue and is payable upon receipt of an invoice issued by the Greenacre Area Community Centre. The bond amount is $500 unless otherwise stated.   ORIENTATION After your application has been approved we will call you to arrange a 20- minute Orientation Tour of the facility. This orientation is essential and must be undertaken on the 1st work day before the hire date. A key will be issued after you have undertaken the orientation with our staff member who will walk you through the hall and show you the centre amenities that you will be using for your hire and point out where furniture and other items needs to be returned at the end of hire. The Hirer Checklist, which the Applicant must complete at the end of hire, will also be explained at this time.   The Hirer Checklist is attached to this document and forms part of the Conditions of Hire and must be completed by the Applicant or their nominated contact person at the end of hire and returned with the key (See copy of Hirer’s Checklist below).   Failure to return the completed Hirer’s Checklist together with the key may affect your bond refund.  


    Community Rate (for not for profit and charities)   Casual Hire     $45 per hour week day and $50 per hour week-end plus GST Regular Hire    $40 per hour week day and $45 per hour week-end plus GST
    Private Rate (for private parties and functions)   Casual Hire $55 per hour week day and $60 per hour week-end plus GST Regular Hire $50 per hour week day and $55 per hour week-end  plus GST
    Government Rates – (Local, State and Federal Government) $60 per hour week day and $65 per hour week-end plus GST
    Commercial Rates – (profit making businesses) $70 per hour week day and $80 per hour week-end plus GST
    Use of Kitchen – additional $55 plus GST for the use of the kitchen for all hirers
      Note! The hire fee does not include setting up or packing up of equipment (tables, chairs, etc) utilised by the Hirer. These are the responsibility of the Hirer.


    If the booking is cancelled, any money paid in advance will be refunded as long as another booking has not been refused for the same date and time, in which case the full hall hire fee is still payable


    The hall & associated amenities must be left in the same condition as at the start of hire. Failure to leave the hall clean, tidy and furniture returned to its original place will attract penalties. The Hirer will be held responsible for payment of any damage to an item or structure other than through normal wear and tear. Refer to penalties section below.


    All furniture such as tables and chairs and any other equipment used must be wiped down   and returned to the exact location it was taken from. Failure to do so, could lead to the Hirer incurring an extra charge. Refer to penalties section below.


    The aim of these Guidelines is to ensure that the kitchen is left tidy, clean and ready for use by others:
    • You will need to provide your own cooking and serving utensils, food and drinks
    • Use of the fridge or dishwasher is not permitted without prior approval
    • No food items or fridge fixtures are to be removed from the fridge
    • Tea towels/paper towels and garbage bags are NOT provided
    • All rubbish bags are to be placed inside the LOCKED RED RUBBISH BIN outside near the side steps before leaving the premises. The key for this bin will be provided when you collect the hall key.
    • The kitchen bench top is to be wiped down using a SOFT DAMP CLOTH ONLY. No scratchy sponges or abrasives are to be used on the
    • Very hot items are NOT to be placed on the benchtop
    • The stove/oven is to be washed using a warm soapy sponge. No scratchy sponges or abrasives are to be
    • The kitchen floor is to be swept and mopped if the kitchen is being used for catering or cooking. Cleaning equipment is located in the store room. This room will be left unlocked for your
    • Water for cleaning the kitchen floor must be obtained from the bathroom. The dirty water is to be emptied into the toilets. DO NOT USE THE KITCHEN SINK FOR THIS
    • No handwashing is allowed in the kitchen sink for health regulations. Please use the small hand basin in the kitchen for hand
    • The hall must be swept and if required it should be mopped to clean any spills, grease or food matter.

    Failure to abide by the above guidelines will incur additional costs as per the penalties section below.

      KEYS The Hirer will need to obtain a key for access to the building by prior arrangement with the office and ensure the key is returned the next working day after the event or at another time by arrangement. If the Hirer loses the key, the Hirer will bear the cost of the new key. Please note, keys can only be cut through Bankstown City Council at a cost of $60 per key.


    The Greenacre Area Community Centre may terminate the right to hire the venue by giving written notice to the last known address supplied by the Hirer. There will be no minimum notice necessary if this action is undertaken as a result of damage to property, disturbance, failure to pay for hire or other costs and use of the premises at variance with the approved usage.


    Hirers will be required to pay for any property and equipment that is damaged, lost or stolen. Listed below are possible costs deductible from your bond prior to refund. If damages exceed the bond you will be liable for any extra costs incurred and an invoice will be issued to you.  

    Item Penalty:

    Taking down or damage of signs/wall attachments - $20 per item
    Damage to the structure of the building - Cost of repair
    Damage to tables, chairs, doors, locks, floor, or any equipment - cost of repair or replacement
    Extra-cleaning $50 per hour minimum charge
    Any lights or electrical appliances left on - $20 per hour
    Doors not secured on vacating premises – penalties based on costs caused by intruders
    Rubbish bin in kitchen, hall and bathrooms not emptied $20 per bin
    Rubbish bag/s left in the hall or outside besides the bin $25 per bag
    Failure to return furniture/equipment to designated areas - $20 for each item for instance $20 for chairs and $20 for tables
    Failure to clean tables - $20 per table
    Damage to toilets/hand basins – cost of repair or replacement
    Water taps not turned off $45 per hour
    Unauthorised use of furniture such as coffee tables in the foyer - $20
    Damage to pamphlet stands in the hall or the reception area/ reception area left untidy - $40
    Front door area left littered or dirty $45
    Failure to replace liners in rubbish bins $10 per bin
    Any rubbish not placed inside the provided bin will be considered illegal dumping & reported to council.
      PROHIBITIONS The Hirer is not permitted to affix any decorations or any matter whatsoever to any wall or fixture without prior approval. If these items are found upon inspection the hirer will be sked return to the centre to remove them or pay a fee depending on the item/s requiring removal   The Hirer is not permitted to take anything from the Centre that was not brought in by the Hirer. Loss of items incur the full cost of the item   The Hirer is not permitted to charge a fee or make money from the event, either through payment at the door or purchase of on line tickets or through other means, unless they hold a current fundraising permit and have stated this on the application form.


    The Hirer is responsible for securing the premises and ensuring that all lights and appliances are turned off and all external doors are locked and the alarm is turned ON upon leaving the premises. If the hirer has delegated this responsibility to someone else the hirer is still responsible for any penalties that may apply  


    The Centre has a NO SMOKING policy and smoking is prohibited inside the building and outside the front door.  


    In case of an emergency please call 000 in the first instance.  


    The Greenacre Area Community Centre accepts no responsibility for Hirer’s or guests’ personal items or their personal safety or for property that is lost, stolen or damaged at the premises.   The Greenacre Area Community Centre reserves the right to refuse an application if the hall hire is deemed to interfere with the normal running of the community Centre’s operations and activities during business hours or if the hall is being hired for illegal uses or for commercial profit making.  

    I have read and understood the above Conditions of Hire and agree to abide by the conditions set out in this document:

  • Hirer Checklist

  • Please note! This form must be completed by the Applicant, whose name appears on the Application form, and returned with the key on the next business day following hall hire. Failure to return this form with the key may affect your bond refund.   This form must be filled in before you leave the premises at the end of your hall hire   Please ensure you tick off each item below and make a note of any additional information if required.
    • All lights including bathroom and kitchen lights are switched OFF
    • All appliances used are switched OFF
    • Furniture and equipment used has been returned to the correct location
    • Tables used have been wiped down
    • There are no taps running in the ladies and gent’s bathrooms or kitchen
    • Bathrooms are left in the same condition as at the start of hire
    • Hall floor has been swept
    • Any spills in the hall have been mopped or wiped
    • Kitchen floor has been mopped (if kitchen was used)
    • Rubbish bins have been emptied
    • Rubbish bags have been placed inside the RED rubbish bin outside
    • There is no rubbish or other items left in the hall/kitchen
    • All Exit Doors are securely closed
    • Alarm is switched ON when leaving the premises
    • Front door is locked
    • Key is in the possession of the Applicant or their nominated person
  • have conducted an inspection of the premises and completed the above checklist accordingly on
  • Date Format: DD slash MM slash YYYY
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